Hand Sewn in Los Angeles

Each garment is hand sewn for you by our master tailors. Our tailors have over 40 years of experience in perfecting the art of clothing construction to be able to build you the most durable and exceptional garment. Each garment our master tailors sew is completed with hand stitching and carefully examined to ensure excellence and beauty in the details. Mika Jaymes clothes are sewn with mindfulness, a lifetime of expertise, and a whole lot of love. Each member of the Mika Jaymes team works alongside each other in our Los Angeles workshop, from tailor to founder. A purchase from Mika Jaymes not only supports an American brand, but you become a part of our family.

Ethically and Thoughtfully Produced

Mika Jaymes is made-to-order. This means our tailors hand-sew a garment only once the order is placed. Made-to-order is the most environmentally friendly clothing creation choice as it ensures that we only use the materials and energy that are absolutely necessary to create your one of a kind garment. We never sew clothes that have potential to be unworn, we never create excess waste that could harm our planet. Every step of garment creation is done inhouse, at our local workshop. From design to production, we can guarantee that each step consists of environmentally friendly practices, enjoyable work conditions, and extraordinary garment standards. Mika Jaymes believes in thoughtful creation every step of the way.

Designed to Stand the Test of Time

Our grandparents would invest in quality garments that were both fabricated for durability and designed with an elegance that would never go out of style - Mika Jaymes creates clothes that match this same model. Inspired by classic Hollywood, modern architectural design, and a classic approach to dressing, our garments are meant to stand the test of time. Dress them up or dress them down, our garments will always be consistent in sharp cuts, tailored fit, and high quality materials. Mika Jaymes clothes are designed to stay stylish through the years and hold their just purchased feel. Mika Jaymes is an everyday luxury.